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Our company, Majsai Shoe Industry Association, has been in business since 1951. Currently, our specially skilled workforce produce 120,000 to 130,000 pairs of footwear per year in excellent quality.

Since the early 90s, we have been producing high-quality footwear for customers in Western Europe.

Our goal is to satisfy the higher end of the market, who prefer light footwear made to the anatomy of the foot from authentic leather in order to preserve the health of their feet. All this is now available at an affordable price at health care accessories supply stores and shoe shops, in over 200 locations all over Hungary.

drbenderDr. György Bender, Professor Emeritus at the Orthopedic Clinic of Semmelweiss University, who has been devoted to preserving the health of the feet, recommends wearing Majsa Comfort products in order to maintain the health of your feet.

The uppers and lining of the Majsa Comfort footwear are made from authentic leather, and the insoles - made from foam and lined with leather - provide comfort and flexibility during walks. Our footwear remarkably helps the feet with their balancing and weight support functions.The heel bone is held straight, so it will not turn into flat feet position. The toes find themselves comfortable positions within the rim, and they are not limited in their free movement.


It is important that you choose the proper length in your footwear. The foot should be held within the rim of the insole while you are standing or walking. When not under weight load, the foot should have a 2 to 3mm space from the rim around it.
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